1. Upload the Task specified
  2. #Taulympics2016
  3. #Teamname
  4. Tag our sisterhood development on any of the social medias (IG, Twitter, FB)

*all teammates need to be in the video/picture unless specified

**special requirements for teammates to physically be presents (a complete team is always preferred).


9 - Golden Ladybug (only one team)

6 - Hard

3 - Medium

1 - Easy

Have fun!!! Create memories, bond with your teammates and be super creative. Don't forget to strategize in order to obtain the most points possible - the teams with the most points will have an ADVANTAGE on the day of Taulympics! The team with the least points will have a HANDICAP.  Only one team will be awarded +9 points for the team exhibiting the most effort each month.  All tasks are only accounted for is post on at least one social media platforms IG/TWITTER/FB no later than the end of the month including the 3 requirements.  Results will be posted shortly afterwards.  Make sure to follow @tauthetapi on IG, Twitter, FB for mini extra points.