Feb-TAU-ry Tasks <3

New rule: Teams who do not complete 3 task this month will be eliminated. 

Teams with no name must have a team name by the end of the month. 


HARD (1)

  • Take an ALL team picture in front of a football field.

    • Extra 9 points if at least one player (doesn’t matter the team) is in the picture.


  • NAIL ART: Teams will compete to show who’s nails are on trend! I know everyone has an inner manicurist, post a picture collage of your DIY (minimum 2 pictures).
  • DIFFERENT PLATE: Teams have a bonding night (at least 2 teams and 3 members from each team) over Chinese food.

  • At least 4 team members give Valentines to a sister from another team.

    • Extra point (1) if each sister receiving a Valentine is from different teams *there are 10 teams to choose from*.

EASY (3)


    • Bonus Points if given to other sisters and they post it too.

  • ALL DRESSED UP: Post an all dolled-up selfie, #OOTD.

    • Bonus Point (1) for your outfit being Tau-inspired.

  • SOMETHING SWEET: At least 2 team members go on a dessert adventure.

    • 1 EXTRA POINT for each extra sister that joins :)! Does not have to be part of Taulympics.