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Tau Theta Pi 17th Anniversary

  • Hyatt The Pike Long Beach 285 Bay Street Long Beach, CA, 90802 United States (map)


What: Buffet-style brunch and bottomless mimosas in outdoor courtyard. Brief program by NB.

When: Saturday, November 21, 2015 / 10:30am-1:30pm (brunch to be served by 11am)

Where: Hyatt The Pike Long Beach (285 Bay St, Long Beach, CA 90802)

Who: Sisters, plus-ones, and kids.

Price: $27 for sisters and plus-ones. $14 for kids. Ticket includes brunch, bottomless mimosas, and hotel parking.

RSVP: - We created this for sisters' convenience, but it does incur fees. If sisters want to avoid fees, have them contact Vivian ( or give payment to chapter reps.


ADDRESS: 285 Bay St.  Long Beach, CA 90802

Anniversary FAQs

How can I avoid Eventbrite fees?
Select the "Offline RSVP" ticket option (free) so that we can reserve your spot. NB will follow up with you directly to collect payment (exactly $27 for adults or exactly $14 for kids, no fees).

Who can I give my money to?
Anyone on NB: officers, presidents, national chapter representatives. Preferably to Treasurer, Vivian Nguyen.

How can I pay?
You can pay on the Eventbrite page with credit card. Or you can arrange payment with Vivian Nguyen (cash, check, Venmo) by emailing her at Please make checks payable to "Vivian Nguyen - Tau Theta Pi".

When is the last day to pay?
We need an accurate headcount by November 17, so please RSVP before then. But you can pay until/on the day of the event.

What does my $27 ticket come with?
$27 is the price of an individual adult ticket, available to sisters and plus-ones only. This is not a couple's price. The ticket includes buffet-style brunch, bottomless mimosas, and hotel parking.

But I don't drink alcohol. Do I still have to pay the full $27?
Yes. You will have other non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Your individual ticket price is not paying for the cost of mimosas; NB is covering this.

I'm taking Uber and am not going to incur parking fees. Do I still have to pay the full $27?
Yes. Your $27 ticket price is not actually paying for the cost of parking; NB is covering this.

Who qualifies for a Kids Ticket?
Children of Tau Theta Pi sisters who are under 10 years old. If they're older than that, let us know and we will still consider a discounted price.

I'll only eat as much as a kid would. Can I pay $14?

Anniversary sounds super fun and I really want to go, but I'm still confused. What do I do?
Contact Linda Reyes at or 626.377.5805.

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