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Taulympic Games 2016


Date and Location: TBA

One specific day we dedicate to unite all sisters from different chapters, classes, and families to come together to participate in various games.  The first part of Taulympics is monthly challenges that you will need to complete to earn points for your team.  These challenges build up for when we all gather at Taulympic Games 2016.  Competitions will vary from sports to painting nails. Points can also be earned throughout the year to keep all sisters interacting and engaged with one another.

To bridge and form bonds between sisters. Teams are meant to be as diverse as possible.

What is Taulympics?
Year round competition for sisters to bond with each other. Sisters will post on social media to earn points. At the end of the year, we will have a huge celebration focusing on our one sisterhood with full of various games. These games will be no only focus on your athletic abilities because as Taus we are diverse so we want to highlight your other skills.

Who can participate?
ALL SISTERS: Undergrads, Alumnae, Active, Inactive, Neophytes, etc…

How to Participate?
Contact any of National Board member for an application or email From there we will randomly place sisters into teams. Sisters can decide to join a team throughout the year but are recommended to do it earlier.

Rules and Regulations
1.Once sisters have filled out an application, she will be placed into a team by random
2.Teams will have some activities/tasks to do throughout the year to earn points (varies from hangouts, posting on social media)
3.Chances to earn points will be posted weekly and the first team to post, following all the correct instructions will receive the points, unless stated otherwise
4.Points are earned only if it contains #Taulympics2016 and hashtag your team name
5.National Board will be the official judge at Taulympics

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Do I need a social media account to participate?
Sisters do no need personal social media accounts – team accounts can be created specifically to post for games.
2. Can I join at the later on in the year?
Sisters can join at any time but recommended to join at the beginning to fully bond with their team. First 5 sisters to turn in an application receive +4 points.
3. This sounds exciting, how do I sign up?
Ask anyone on National Board or email for an application
4. What do we win?
Besides unreplaceable bonds between your sisters a custom fit Taulympics Championship shirt.
5. What will these activities/tasks consist of?
Tasks will focus on our 9 vital virtues as well as other fun additions.
6. What will happen at Taulympic Games?
This will be an all day event held at a park where music/DJ will be bumping, food will be served, and vibes super high. Even if you did not participate in the games you can come to spectate and celebrate the best sisterhood ever.
Stay tuned for more updates! 
For any additional question or recommendations, feel free to email

Sign-up today to get first dibs on bragging rights! *Please note that date and time has yet to be determined.

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